Dashboards & Reporting Provide Physicians and Clinics Insight to Their Patients

Angelika KlidasWith the single click of a mouse, MangnaVersum’s Business Intelligence Manager Angelika Klidas shares OneDataView healthcare analytic capabilities. MagnaVersum is a healthcare expertise partner from Hoofddorp, Netherlands. They provide organizations with a wealth of patient information through dashboard visualization solutions such as consultation visits, diagnostics, waiting times, and populations all with easy to ready graphs and tables.

This information is essential for general physicians and clinics like Medicamus in Harderwijk and the emergency room in West Friesland in Hoorn. Quality and ICT Manager Jeroen Slieker does not hide his enthusiasm for the program’ “We can finally see the activities and have direct insight to the processes of our clinic.



Care Management EnglishWith the Qlik software, MangaVersum’s BI strategic, tactical and operational management methodology combined with physician groups and clinics data makes analyzing data easy to understand. Now healthcare organizations can follow focus on their business and not just analyze data but also improve reporting.  According to Angelika Klidas, “The dashboard is visually appealing and easy to work with. Information always delivers new questions. By selecting fields with the mouse, these questions are answered with a push of a button.”

Strategical Cooperation

“Together with our partners, we discuss what information is essential for business operations.  For example: The physicians, clinics, and care groups determine what reports are needed. We can customize the reports as needed. As a partner, we not only want to provide the software, but add strategic value to the organization.”  – Angelika Klidas

Predictive and Prescriptive Analysis

Contact Management EnglishMagnaVersum BI uses the software QlikView® and Qlik Sense® as the foundation to their OneDataView platform as well as provide services onsite. Both QlikView and Qlik Sense data can be enriched with external data, such as CBS data and weather data, not to mention others. “It is not enough to know what happens but to get a view of the future such as how weather may affect the number of patient visits.” Angelika Klidas explains. “Thorough predictive analysis and prescriptive analysis, is possible to make predictions based on demographics, weather and events. It all affects the visits to the emergency clinic and the diagnosis. We developed algorithms that allow us to predict the impact of external factors on the business. The predictions, broadly, can be included in the planning”

Expertise Partner

“We are proud to have have been appointed by Qlik as one of their Healthcare Expertise Partners. We are also expertise in the financial and management aspects of the healthcare facilities, which include departments other than the clinics. MagnaVersum BI is versatile in their software and services. MagnaVersum also specializes in dashboard designs for the Triage. Planning system data gives insight into the workload of the facility. MagnaVersum app services makes using techniques such as 3D animation, virtual reality augmentation reality a possibility. Tools such as VR glasses can help children relax for therapy and help them to understand using the process of gamification.”  – Angelika Klidas

MagnaVersumVisualDataSuccess has brought Angelika to the United States. She will be partnering with Visual Data Group in Cleveland Ohio to introduce these applications.  On the first of September, there will be a free seminar for those who are interested in this solution and other’s that the MagnaVersum team has developed. Joe Warbington, the Qlik Healthcare Market Development Director of the Americas will join Angelia Klidas, the Chief BI Officer of MagnaVersum BI. They are excited to share their knowledge of “Transforming Healthcare with Analytics”. To register, please go to Transforming Healthcare with Analytics Registration.

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