Human Resources

Business Intelligence Software for the Human Resource Department

Managing the workforce, utilizing the strengths of your employees and recruiting the best individual with the right skills at the right time takes experience and the access to the right information.  This is how labor management solves business problems related to staff.  Making key data more visible to support better decision-making in all areas of human resources is a benefit to the entire organization.

Measuring performance to establish employee initiatives and rewards, improve employee relations as well as business performance.

Now the human resource department can:

  • Utilize employees strategically and drive profitability through business partners
  • View labor, benefit, and recruitment data holistically across the organization
  • Analyze staffing resources and on-boarding
  • Assess training and learning offerings
  • Monitor productivity trends and improve labor relations
  • Control staffing efficiency, benefit offerings, and labor costs
  • Gain a deep understanding of benefit plans and employee resource forecasting
  • View compensation vs. production and optimize payroll costs accordingly
  • Analyze compensation vs. performance
  • Enable benefit and payroll forecasting
  • Streamline recruitment, documentation, and decrease turnover
  • Enhance employee leads and quality of candidate
  • Increase internal engagement and productivity
  • Improve organizational forecasting

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