Inventory Planning

Business Intelligence Software for Inventory Planning

Successful inventory planning means having the right amount of the right product in the right location. And it must be delivered just in time to satisfy the customer. Detailed data related to physical and calculated inventories, inventory receipts and adjustments, supplier shipments and intra-enterprise item movements, sales, plans and forecasts, replenishment targets and safety stocks gathered in a centralized data repository serve as the foundation for the solution.

Now the budgeting and inventory planning function can:

  • Bring model and safety stock data together with inventory and sales information to identify potential out-of-stock situations, highlighting where target stocks and/or safety stocks need to be increased to prevent lost sales
  • Proactively generate alerts in these situations so that the problem can be addressed appropriately
  • Determine over-stock situations by combining sales data, forecast data and replenishment data, retailers can compute measurements such as target stock weeks of supply without risking stock-outs
  • Identify slow-turning locations and products
  • Ensure the accuracy of inventory data in replenishment ordering systems
  • Prevent misplaced inventory by managing locations effectively

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