Narratives for Qlik®

Forever change the way you see your visualizations

Spend more time on your business and less time interpreting visualizations. Narratives for Qlik integrates seamlessly with Qlik Sense, uncovering and translating the hidden insights in your visualizations in seconds. From charts and graphs to insightful, customizable, easy-to-read narratives, Narratives for Qlik automatically writes insights about your visualizations that anyone can share.


Visualizations to narratives, instantly

Get insights in natural, easy-to-read language and identify relationships in data that are not obvious in visualizations alone.

Dynamic insights, deeper discovery

Get automated analysis fueled by descriptive and predictive analytics, with narratives that update in real-time as you interact with your visualizations.

Personalized & shareable stories

Tailor narratives by audience, choosing your preferred format—bullets or paragraphs—level of detail or verbosity, and word choice to enhance variability.

To learn more about Narratives for Qlik, download white paper.

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