Visual Data Group is excited to add NPGeoMap to its portfolio of products. NPGeoMap comes to Visual Data Group through one of our Global Partners, Noindl GmbH. Noindl is a long standing Qlik Partner in Europe who has successfully deployed NPGeoMap to thousands of users, across multiple industries and countries. To Kick-off our addition, we conducted a webinar hosted by our own certified Qlik Architect, Chris Marr.  Chris has been working with NPGeoMap building out applications to enhance your Qlik experience by bringing ROI to your organization, while reducing your business intelligence development cost and greatly improving visualization. To watch register below.

Pre-Recorded NPGeoMap Webinar
Sponsored by Visual Data Group
Presented by Chris Marr, Qlik Data Architect

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Also check out Chris’s  describing his experience on the Living QlikView website.


Bring powerful mapping visualizations to life with NPGeoMap. From simple heat maps to complex multi-dimensional point and area maps. Visual Data Group, NPGeoMap and Qlik bring spatially aware analysis to your organization. Combine your internal data with external data sources like Qlik’s DataMarket to further enhance your insights.


  • One-Click installation, simple configuration, no need to buy additional software (GIS_Server, etc.).
  • Create a map-object within minutes in an existing QlikView or Qlik Sense application.
  • Quick, affordable and transparent licensing.
  • Data stays inside your firewall, no external server needed. However GoogleMaps, Bing, Open Street Maps, Here and Carto etc. can be used optionally.
  • NPGeoMap works even without internet connection, printing and exporting map objects with Qlik’s native capabilities and with Qlik NPrinting.
  • Maps for the most countries are included in the installation file, with further detail through country, state (province), county, districts, and geocoded ZIP-codes).
  • All map properties can be controlled by standard QlikView and Qlik Sense expressions. This offers full flexibility and interaction with QlikView and Qlik Sense data and functions.
  • Intelligent zoom – and drill-down functionality, different map layers are shown depending on the selections in Qlik or Qlik variables.
  • Low cost add-on’s (NPMapMaker, NPGeoCoding) let you create your own maps derived from shape files in any assortments (sales districts, etc) and to add GeoCodes to your own address files
  • Fully supported by Visual Data Group in North America

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