OneDataView BI Platform

Our Healthcare BI platform

OneDataView converts data into distinct information and clear summaries about and for your organisation. Developed with the aim of making your organization smarter and improve patient care, it has been proven to be an asset to every Healthcare professional.

Standard Taylor Made Healthcare Solutions

We can create custom dashboards based on the (big) data you’ve gathered. We build our dashboards upon the DAR principle, adjusted to your wishes and demands.

Alert Management

Alert ManagementThe Alert Management solution gives insight into the movements of the patients who are in the care process in any healthcare facility. This includes facility appointments, physician or nurse telephone consultations, and house calls. Regardless if it is the General Practitioner office, a Specialty Physician office or clinic, this solution will ensure that the patient is addressed according to the care they need.

Once patients are recognized, they are placed in a virtual waiting room. The Alert Management Solution gives each patient one of the 6 different urgency codes corresponding to standard times and the urgency defined by the healthcare facility.  As a result, waiting times are minimized and the facilities process flow is streamlined.

Contact Management

Contact Management The Contact Management solution was developed as an analysis and reporting tool for the healthcare facility.  This solution addresses operational and tactical management information of the activities of the office and patients.  As a result, it provides daily insight into whether the established standards have been achieved within the healthcare facility.



This application contains among others the following information:

  • Total Consultation time per patient
  • Consultations in numbers and in comparison with previous years
  • Total number of consultations per urgency type
  • Not billable / self-referrals
  • Child abuse (Sputovamo)
  • ICPC codes (International Classification of Primary Care)

Management Dashboard

Management DashboardThe Management dashboard provides an insight of the daily activities for the purpose of tactical and strategic management as well as captures historical data providing a future forecast. As a result, management can decide on the appropriate level of staffing for specific times of the week, month, and year.

Included in this solution, analysis can be performed on financial activities such as patient costs vs insurance and diagnostic costs vs. insurance.  The dashboard indicates each patients primary care physician with diagnostic information for patient follow-up.  Analysis is also provided to determine total patient visits per primary care physician visiting the clinic.

Practice Management

Practice ManagementThe Practice Management dashboard consolidates patient information relating to operational finances. The dashboard gives financial insight per patient activity while allowing the end-user to analyze operational cash flow from the insurance company as well as the patient. Drill down capabilities provide historical data and totals.




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