Poultry & Egg

For the Poultry & Egg industry it is important to understand every step in the operations process.  From breeder’s management to operations and finally to the egg or chicken on the consumer’s table, the Poultry & Egg industry depends on data analysis to make successful decisions. With quality and safety of the products the support in the collection of more data to verify the efficacy of the current regulatory program is essential.

Our customers required data covering supply, use, prices, and trade. It is important to include current trade indicators; retail, wholesale, and farm values; and historical data on production, use, and trade for the poultry and egg sector.  That would include analyses of domestic and global conditions, trends, and policies that affect poultry supply, demand, prices, and trade.

Visual Data Group’s has provided their Poultry & Egg customers insight on:

  • Segment markets, competition and customers to understand and deliver maximum profit by category and brand
  • Drive sourcing and procurement efficienciesImprove collaboration with partners and suppliers by providing visibility and data insights across the entire value chain
  • Exert greater discipline in marketing campaigns, promotion management and pricing to drive enhanced outcomes
  • Integrate retailer sales data, consumer sentiment insights and sell-through information to provide a complete picture of demand and product performance
  • Synchronize operational processes using real-time production insights
  • Ensure trusted and timely regulatory compliance by enabling drill-down visibility into quality assurance, product safety, and recall measures
  • Measure operational efficiency & increase the effectiveness of process improvement methodologies
  • Collaborate effectively with suppliers, partners and customers to improve business agility
  • Mitigate supplier, compliance and cost volatility risks
  • Maximize marketing and sales efficiency
  • Gain visibility of inventory across the organization
  • Optimize innovation processes to drive enhanced time to value
  • Enable Regulatory, Compliance and Sustainability agendas & obligations

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