Retail & Wholesale Distribution

With an the explosion of innovative shopping experiences, the retail and wholesale industries have never been more fragmented, or fractured, than they are today.  From discount warehouse clubs to upscale specialty stores, corner convenience chains to mega e-commerce sites.  As buyers have become more informed about products and the companies providing them, they have questioned their loyalty. Also, with changes in the global economy many are  highly cautious about discretionary spending.

Organizations are striving to balance product, price and service sensitivities, while protecting margins; to ensure inventory availability while maintaining reduced carrying costs; and to deliver favorable omni-channel experiences, while streamlining daily operations at all levels of the enterprise.

Visual Data Group knows that now more than ever information must be leveraged in new ways to gain competitive advantage and renew stability in these uncertain times. That is why many organizations are leveraging data to make better decisions.  Find out how Business Intelligence (BI) solutions will:

  • Enable increased productivity by customer, channel, location, and associate by analyzing and reacting to performance patterns and trends
  • Align the right mix of products and services by channel and location to retain the most profitable customer relationships
  • Manage inventory, reduce transportation costs, and increase collaboration with customers, merchants, marketing, and suppliers
  • Control pricing and profitability to improve top- and bottom-line financial performance
  • Reduce costs and increase effectiveness of the supply chain by aligning order, production, and delivery schedules to consumer demand
  • Detect and prevent fraud and to help manage risk within organizations
  • Optimize operations, improve service levels, and streamline IT

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