Business Intelligence Software for the Sales Department

Understanding the sales of a global company is not a trivial task. Today’s sales staff find that having the ability to analyze sales data by region, product category, sub product categories, and customers allows administrators to gain a holistic view of their organization. It is particularly important to have the information available to the sales representative anywhere and at anytime. This gives the sales representative one up on the competition.

Now the sales department can:

  • Analyze, segment and target customers and prospects to increase conversation rates and revenue
  • Manage pipeline and forecast and improve tracking of performance against goals
  • Freely explore sales data to improve targeting and increase revenue
  • Identify the right targets for opportunities and promotions
  • Uncover new cross-sell and upsell opportunities to drive increased revenue. Explore data on the road via any mobile device
  • Improve targeting and call list quality
  • Uncover new cross-sell and upsell opportunities
  • Increase conversion and boost revenue
  • Improve pipeline control and revenue performance
  • Increasing management insight into the sales pipeline and forecasts
  • Identify risks in the pipeline, test what-if scenarios, and assess the impact of potential resolutions
  • Improve collaboration with their teams through interactive, real-time sessions to review pipeline.
  • Improve pipeline control and revenue performance
  • Identify risks to revenue and test potential solutions
  • Facilitate greater collaboration between managers and sales teams

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