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Hy-Ko logo“QlikView is the most important software tool that we have implemented in years. Training was outstanding and implementation was the fastest and easiest I’ve ever experienced in my 30 years of IT. User acceptance became user reliance overnight – QlikView is a game changer! Visual Data Group promised the world and a quick ROI. They delivered on both accounts.”

Bill Ashby, IT Manager, Hy-Ko Products



“PAC Worldwide has been with Visual Data Group since 2010 and we are extremely pleased with their expertise, customer service and their honest assessment of whether the current product offering will meet/support our business needs. When we had pricing concerns VDG has proven to be both flexible and creative to ensure needs were met.”

Nick Mustacich, BI Director, PAC Worldwide

Customer Success Story

fasmart logoBarry Khosropanah, Senior VP Information Technology, was impressed with Qlik the day he was given a demonstration by Jim Harder, a principal at Visual Data Group. “Preparing the data just took a few seconds and it provided the ability to connect as many platforms as you wanted and consolidate the information,” Khosropanah said. “Then there was the rapid speed of processing and the way an end user could mine the data, access resulting reports and get it in to a useful presention format. We loved it from an IT standpoint since we are a small team and didn’t have programming skills on staff.”  Read More


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