Supply Chain

Business Intelligence Software for Supply Chain

The supply chain process begins with the forecasting of demand and ends with the delivery of the end product to the customer. To avoid the loss of data throughout the process, most companies strive to automate their supply chain. Reducing reliance on the push of uncertain forecasts in favor of the steady pull of customer demand is a proven path to success. Doing so requires synchronizing an enormous number of products and steps. This can be a difficult task for any organization.

To stay competitive, it’s important to know as much about each product, process, and market as possible. Ideally, executives must be able to see and understand the associated changes and movements in raw materials, inventory and products, marketing campaigns, promotions, and any other dimension of activity affecting the supply chain.

The Visual Data Group team are experts in Supply Chain and the Sales & Operations Planning process. We focus on:

  • Executive Insights on balanced scorecards and supply chain performance
  • Supply chain strategies to ensure that the network operates efficiently enabling modeling analysis – “what-if” analysis
  • Forecasting and planning by incorporating demand signals into forecasts to ensure product availability and reduce cost of goods carried
  • Source and supplier performance to optimize procurement efficiency delivering multiple cost savings and accurately evaluating vendor performance
  • Production by identifying processes and oar product quality issues, increase plant efficiency, lowering inventory and waste, and monitoring production plans and regulatory compliance standards
  • Warehouse and distribution by optimizing space utilization within facilities, increase productivity associated with accurate receiving, picking, packing and shipping, and labor utilization
  • Transportation and logistics by evaluating and managing transportation profiles and reducing total delivery costs across the network
  • Returns and repairs by analyzing warranty and return trends to improve overall product quality

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