What We Do



Our team of experts come from various backgrounds such as Manufacturing, Consumer Products, Wholesale, Retail, and Warehouse and Distribution management. We leverage that experience and knowledge to more quickly understand your needs and then deliver the right solution.

Our practice is to transfer as much knowledge to the customer as possible. We want our customers and their users to be fully capable of running the software, maintaining the applications and expanding their use cases. We are always available to help you, but it is primary that we enable the customer and drive value.

Solution Design

From the first introduction to the delivery of the applications, all stakeholders are included in the process. Any member of the customer's team, the top executives, project sponsor, business user, and IT are all engaged and welcome to participate. We follow industry best practice throughout the implementation.

A good design solves issues, a bad design just creates more. Good design requires input from all parties, a solid understanding of the customer requirements and frequent collaboration sessions. 

Implementation and Integration

Implementation is more than loading software. Certainly our certified server architects' work is foundational, but it is more than just getting the lights on.  Data architects, designers, developers all work together to be certain the end users get what they need and the lights stay on.

Quality is delivered in many forms: 

  • Data quality so everyone can trust the numbers
  • Design quality so everyone can use the applications
  • Quality of the processes we use

Integrating many different and disparate source systems is our most common requirement. All companies have multiple systems they rely on, transactional, financial, human resources, etc. Our ability to bring these systems together to deliver meaningful applications is critical to every project we work on.

Adoption and Training

The best applications are the ones that users go to every day, understand how to use them and  get the answers they need.

We help your team. We help make certain the users understand why they have access to the app and what they should expect. We help your internal development team learn the skills they need to continue working on existing or new use cases without always having to reach for us. We are always available to support you should you need us to.

We also offer formal training sessions from individual one on one sessions to curriculum based group sessions. All of the training we provide is customized to each clients specific needs.

Project Management

Best Practice on an implementation doesn't have to involve complex Gantt charts or full-time project manager. Solid two way communication and frequent updates and feedback are key to the projects success. All of our consultants are skilled in managing the projects they are assigned to with the full support of the executive and administrative team.

We have successfully completed hundreds of projects and applications for our customers.


Visual Data Group will be your first line support for the software, the applications  and implementation. We believe in providing exceptional customer service, it is a core value for all of us.